General Terms and Conditions

Before you start cooperation, namely registration on our company’s website, you agree with the rules and requirements. In this section, there will be detailed information concerning:

  • Account registration;
  • Account verification;
  • Adding funds to your account;
  • Execution of bets;
  • Paying out the winnings;
  • Connection of credit cards;
  • Responsibility for fraud and a lot of other useful and necessary information.

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In general, there will be the rules of the game on our resource. Please also note that the version written in the original English language will have an advantage over versions in other languages since translation often loses the meaning of the sentences and rules.

In this section, you will find information about our legal details, license numbers, registration address, and other kinds of useful user information, as well as the provisions on the liability for violation of the rules of using the service. Each section will be described separately for your quick search.

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Our casino is operated by Brivio Limited. Even though we provide services all over the world, except for banned countries (you will learn about that later), the company’s office is located in Cyprus. All the necessary information about the location and registration you can easily find in the user information section or by requesting the support service. We are licensed by Invicta Networks (License 8048/JAZ2012-009) for all gaming services.

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Change to the Terms

Our company reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the user agreement. All changes can be made for the following reasons:

  • Legal;
  • Commercial;
  • Related to individual customer service;
  • Territorial.

You should be well aware that the company will give advance notice of changes in the terms and conditions and publish accurate information on its official source, and an email newsletter will also be used if you have not turned off that function. It is the responsibility of the player to be informed if he/she is not satisfied with the changes, then you must delete your account and stop cooperating.

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We will try to explain to you in more detail and clearly what the restrictions are for starting to play, what our gambling company offers, and whether there are any restrictions for certain countries.

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Legal age

Only adult users of the correct age are allowed to play on the service. Anyone who provides access to play on the site for underage users is a violator and will be held liable. The company has the right at any stage of cooperation to request personal information from users to ascertain the necessary information for verification. You should not increase your age for access to the service, our security service will easily detect fraud and you will have your account blocked on our casino platform

Legal Support

Gambling may be illegal in some countries. The Company is not liable for your violation, as long as it was your deliberate decision, and does not provide any legal assistance in such situations. Responsibility for the violation will rest entirely with the person who has broken the law.

Conscientious Liability

Our company is not responsible in any way if you use our platform in violation of any point of its laws. By registering you knowingly declare that you are familiar with all the rules and necessary laws for using our platform.

Banned countries

Unfortunately, our platform service is not available to everyone. Due to various political or legal issues, we do not provide services in the following countries: Russia, United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Ethiopia, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Guyana, Guam, Iran, Turkey, Italy, Israel, Malta, Netherlands, Laos, Samoa, Saba, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Statia, St. Maarten St. Eustatius, Syria, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, American Samoa, Vanuatu, Trinidad, and Tobago. Maarten St. Eustatius, Syria, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, Uganda, Vanuatu, Iraq, Trinidad and Tobago, Yemen. The list of banned countries is changing and new countries are being added and removed all the time. When you register you confirm that you are not in and you are not a citizen of these countries. Any attempt to bypass the rule using malicious software entails increased risks for you – up to and including zeroing of your account and its blocking.

Responsibility to pay taxes

The company provides you with a net win, meaning you have funds ready for the transaction. You must familiarize yourself with the fees charged by the different banks, and then withdraw the funds. Then you will have to pay tax according to the laws of your country (each country is different). We do not take any responsibility if you do not pay tax on your winnings or forget to do so. The responsibility will be totally yours, and we recommend that you check the winnings tax percentage in your country beforehand.

Statement Requests

The company does not provide any information for statements, about your winnings, or the status of your account. All information is confidential. We duplicate all relevant information regarding your funds to your email address which you have provided in advance.

Opening Your Account

In this chapter, you will learn the necessary information that you need to observe when creating your account on our site to avoid conflicts.

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General information for opening an account

To begin our long and prosperous collaboration, you need to create an account. To do so, you need to fulfill simple requests and provide some information. This information includes:

The company has the right to ask you for passport information at any time. Failure to provide such information may result in the account being blocked until the circumstances are clarified. All information will be carefully checked by security.

Updating information

You agree to the rules and requirements that ask you to immediately notify the customer service if you change any information in your details or passport data. Otherwise, access may be restricted.

Customer Service

Our site is very easy to register, but if you suddenly have any difficulties or any registration questions, you can immediately contact support for expert assistance. You can contact us by email at [email protected]

Duplicate accounts

Only one account can be created for each user. If you create a second account by mistake or if you have restrictions on your main account and decide to cheat the system, please be aware that the company has the right to delete all duplicate accounts without explanation. There are strict account creation rules. If our security service deletes your duplicate account, all of its transactions are automatically voided, all bets made from the duplicate account are confiscated and not returned to you, and any bonuses and winnings are also voided and not refundable by the company.

Verification of your Identity; Money Laundering Requirements

In this chapter, you will find useful information regarding the verification of your identity and individual data; liability for providing information to third parties as well as for money laundering; the regularity of verification and what are the limitations in case of refusal of verification.

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Responsibilities and Consents at Registration

At the time of registration, you agree to the rules and you confirm that you are an adult citizen, that all your funds are fully legal and you have proof of their purchase. You are aware that when you gamble you have the risk of losing all your money. You are fully responsible for all bets placed and other actions with your account. You also agree that you understand and know how the mechanism of gambling works. In general, our company is not just offering you its services, and you are soberly evaluating the offer you agree with.

Data check

By agreeing to the registration, you give your consent and permission for an unlimited amount of data verification. The company has the right to verify your information at any time, you will have to provide it if requested. Also, the company has the right to make your personal information available to third parties (regulatory agencies) for necessary verification checks. During these checks, the company has the right to limit withdrawal operations in case in the process of verification it turns out that you have provided false information. The company reserves the right to block your account completely, as you violate the agreement.

Withholding of age information

If you cannot provide the necessary information to prove your age, your account will be restricted until the circumstances are clarified. If your age was indeed lower than the specified age, the company will do the following actions: 

All of these restrictions are imposed in extreme cases and on the most serious offenders. So be patient and follow the rules.

Source of Funds

If you will be making a large deposit, we may ask you for a SOF (Source of Funds). This procedure is necessary to prove the legality of your funds. The procedure is absolutely easy. You will need to provide any official document that can prove your ability to deposit such funds.

Username, Password, and Security

After you create a gaming account on our platform, we will take full care to keep your data safe. But we cannot protect you if you disclose your account information to third parties yourself. We will not be liable for your losses if you provide your account to a third party. You will be liable for any financial losses incurred by you or anyone else who has access to your account, and we won’t even look into such cases. You can count on our support if it was an inadvertent bet and theft that was not your fault. In this case, you should immediately contact our support team and provide all necessary information in the process of cooperation.

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Deposit and Withdrawals to/from your Account

If you want to continue your cooperation with us after registration, you need to deposit to start the activity. In this part, you will learn all the nuances related to these procedures.

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Confirmation of deposit

All money deposited into your account must be easily documented. Our company does not accept money laundering through our service. Your money must be completely legal. Also, only your login details must be used for deposits and withdrawals. Otherwise, your transaction will be canceled until everything is clear. Even your closest relatives and family members are not allowed to make payments to your account and withdrawals.

Wire transfers

If you have no other choice and need a bank transfer, all costs and expenses are charged to your budget.

Available payments

Our company has a wide variety of options for funding your accounts, all of which are available via internet access. We will not accept payments in cash and are at liberty to refuse them.

Credit Cards

In the event of a suspicious activity or fraudulent activity related to accounts that may have used stolen credit cards, we reserve the right to unilaterally block the account, cancel all transactions, and void all winnings. We have the right to report all such violations to the appropriate regulatory authorities and collection services to recover the debt from the user. The company will not be held responsible for spending money from stolen credit cards, whether or not they have been reported missing.

Insurance and account guarantee

By registering on our site you agree that the account you create is not a bank account. And it will not be protected or insured by any bank instruments or other types of insurance.

Withdrawal of funds

You can withdraw your funds at any time if you did not break the rules of the company, as well as if your funds were won in a fair play. You will be able to withdraw funds the same way you deposited them. If the payment exceeds the limit of 1000 USD we will ask you for additional verification of identity. For players who passed the KYC check, there will be an available withdrawal of 500 EUR equivalent in your currency within 5 minutes to 12 hours, but no more than 2 business days.

Withdraw a large sum of money

For players who want to withdraw a large sum of money, namely the amount of more than 30000 EUR equivalent in their currency. Subject to KYC verification the withdrawal time is from 5 minutes to 96 hours, but no more than 30 business days. Exceptions are weekends and public holidays. We would like to draw your attention that you can discuss with the administration of our company individual terms and limits of payments.

Terms and Conditions for 1-Click Payments

In this chapter, we’ll talk about the necessary conditions that must be met when making one-click payment.

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Liability for payments

The Company is not responsible for any online payments you make on the Web site. All third-party fees and commissions will be borne entirely by your budget. All hidden charges and commissions will be automatically deducted and you will be warned. Once you click the “Pay” button, the transaction is completed and processed. Once clicked, you have no right to cancel the transaction because you were warned of the cost beforehand. By placing an order on the website, you declare that you do not violate the laws in your country and that all funds are legal.

Payment Provider Liability

The payment services provider is not responsible for any unprocessed transactions on your bank card or with you by the issuing bank. The payment service provider is not responsible for the quantity, quality, or timing associated with your card. You alone are responsible for all third-party charges as the cardholder. If you are not satisfied with any of the terms and conditions, you can easily refuse and cancel the transaction. If you are unable to cancel a transaction, you may contact customer service or administration directly.

Placing a bet and transactions on the account

When you place a bet on our site you should always check all the details you have entered to make the payment, if you lose your funds our company will not be liable. You can easily verify the details of your gambling history in your profile. We have the right to unilaterally stop any of your transactions if we consider them suspicious. The transaction will not be considered complete until approved and confirmed by our support team. If your transaction is not approved, you should contact our Support Team for clarification. You will only be able to bet with the funds in your account.

Collusion, Cheating, Fraud, and Criminal Activity

In this article, we will tell you about the prohibited actions on our platform, as well as what is the responsibility for violation of these rules.

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Significant Infractions

You should be aware of the fact that in addition to providing information to third parties about your account is not safe, and that it is a gross violation of the rules. Violations of the rules may also include dishonest use of detected loopholes or bugs in our system software. You will also be liable if you use stolen credit cards fraudulently, and knowingly for personal gain. You may also be held liable if you are involved in a conspiracy to commit money laundering or gambling with a known outcome. If you directly participate in a sporting event, you will be liable per the law.

Fraud Prevention

We are constantly improving our security system and are keen to proactively identify unscrupulous players who collude and attempt to profit. We do not take any responsibility for the money you lose as a result of your collision and fraud attempts. 

Helping the community

If you or someone you know has noticed or knows that someone, individually or in a group, is planning to commit an unlawful act, you should tell us immediately through our support team.

Individual liability

If we suspect that you are involved in any illegal activity, collusion, or money laundering, we are entitled to unconditionally block or restrict access to your account for clarification. We are also fully entitled to debit your account balance in full if you are proven to be guilty.


If we have actual knowledge, or from our partners, that you are using malware or bots to tally cards or otherwise increase your chances of winning in any particular game. Access to those games will be restricted.

Other Prohibited Activités

There are general rules that are necessary for the smooth running of our website.

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Be Polite

You should behave correctly and courteously towards all users of our game, as well as towards the staff members who support the operation of this website.

Website Operations

You should not interfere in any way with the operations of our Website, and you are not allowed to release any malicious software or use cheats that could affect the operation of our service. Any customers found breaking these rules will be immediately removed.

Website Use

You may use our Website for entertainment purposes only. To use our Website for any other purpose, you would need to ask our administration for permission.

Losses caused by the attack

We will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage that you may suffer by trying to attack our site or by uploading malware onto it.

Selling your account

It is strictly forbidden to sell your account. If you do not intend to use your account, you must deactivate it. If the company notices a sudden change of address, we will have to ask for identity verification, if it is confirmed that the account has been sold, it will be deleted. Also, you are categorically forbidden to lose or give chips away on purpose, this will be regarded as a flagrant violation of the rules of use of the site, and all actions will be canceled.

Using IP Masking

We forbid any use of malware, which could in any way mask your IP and could conceal your true location. All accounts seen doing so will be blocked.

Duration and Termination

The company gives you the option to quickly close your account at your discretion, as long as it does not violate any rules. It is worth noting that you will be solely responsible for any activity on your account until we confirm it has been closed. We may block your account without warning if you have been caught cheating or breaking the terms of the agreement.

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Alternation of the website

We may change the services on our website without notice. You will be notified by email and sent a special article on changes to our website.

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IT Failure

In such cases, when we are experiencing a heavy load or there is a technical failure on our website for some unknown reason, which leads to a disturbance of the game events, we are ready to consider all claims and help resolve them. If you were playing at the time of the technical failure and you think it might have influenced the result in any way, we recommend you to contact the Support Team at least 10 days in advance to resolve your situation.

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Errors or Omissions

We do not deny that we experience occasional bugs, glitches, or errors in our software, which can influence the outcome of bets. We are ready to help solve all such cases. If in such cases, due to human error or software bugs, accidental winnings are credited to you, we will be entitled not to pay you, also if you notice such accrual, you will need to refund the number of your winnings. We will be entitled to refuse or cancel any bet at our discretion if we suspect that it may have been mistaken.

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Exclusion of Our Liability

We declare that you are completely free to make your choice on our website. We offer a wide range of services without any intention or provocation on our part. We do not take any responsibility for your spending or incorrectly entered data at the time of the transaction. The responsibility will be entirely on your shoulders. 

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Breach of the terms

If there is a breach of any terms and conditions, all costs associated with liquidating your account will be borne by you and your budget. You agree to comply with all terms and conditions as set out in this Agreement. Accounts with violations such as the use of malware, conspiracy to defraud, use of stolen credit cards, use of dirty money, and all of the above restrictions will be penalized. The company has the right to unilaterally block or restrict the account without warning or explanation.

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Intellectual Property Rights

All content you find on our Website is the property of our company or our licensed partners. The information provided is for the use of one person only. Any attempts to use it for any commercial or professional purpose are explicitly forbidden. Severe penalties will follow for violation of the rules. You are not allowed to upload or download any information from the site under any circumstances, all intellectual property is protected. Otherwise, you will bear all costs and damages related to the proceedings in this matter.

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Your Personal Information

By registering you agree to the collection and processing of all personal information required. We invest a lot of time and money in protecting your data. We use state-of-the-art security systems such as 256-bit SSL encryption and a dedicated server for your data. We are entitled to check your data without your consent and to hand it over to the regulatory authorities on request. For security purposes, we will retain all data and communications relating to you until your account is deleted. Once your account has been deleted your claim will not be considered due to a lack of data to review.

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Use of cookies on the website

For the quality of our website, we use cookies to help us keep track of relevant and useful information about the use of our site. This information helps us to provide you with current promotional offers and keep you up to date with any changes. You can easily switch this function off.

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Complaints and Notices

You can easily make a complaint by contacting the helpdesk. But you should be aware that for security reasons all your complaints will be logged and stored on the server. If you are going to complain about a discrepancy in your balance, you should be aware that if there is a difference between the values on your monitor and the server, the company will unconditionally decide in favor of the information from the server.

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Transfer of Rights and Obligations

The original terms and conditions are written in English and any issues or disputes arising will be resolved according to the English version of the rules. You should be aware that the English version of the agreement will take precedence in such disputes

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