Vulkan Vegas App for iOS and Android

With each passing day, people are converting their daily life functions to their mobile phones. Each part of their day consists of the use of the mobile phone. The same is the case with the gambling industry. Various games are being introduced for the users to play on their mobile phones and tablets, giving them the freedom to play the games anywhere they want.

Vulkan Vegas Platform has also introduced a mobile app for their customers so that they can play with Vulkan Vegas even when they are on the move. Our mobile version of the game is shaped according to the requirements of our Canadian players. The mobile app is developed in such a way that it can easily download and install the app on its phones.

Mobile phone with an opened Vulkan Vegas app

Mobile Version of the Website

The mobile version of the Vulkan Vegas is developed using leading-edge tools and techniques like HTML5. One of the key components of any mobile-compatible website is that it does not demand too much data from the users. That is why the Vulkan Vegas website is designed in such a way that it loads fast and uses only a few amounts of the user’s mobile data.

With the website, the user also does not have to worry about the Operating System of their phones. The website is safe to run on both the OS (Android and IOS). The only requirement for enjoying the game is that the user must have a stable internet connection, therefore, it is preferable to use 4G or Wi-Fi. 

Another advantage of enjoying the website version of the casino game is that it saves the user from the trouble of downloading and installing it on their phones. To enjoy the game, the user only needs to click on the website, sign in to their account, and enjoy the game from any browser of their choice. Deposit and withdrawal functions are also available.

Smartphone with an opened main page of Vulkan Vegas Casino site

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Features of the Mobile Gaming

Vulkan Vegas offers two different solutions to Canadian users who want to enjoy the game on their Mobile Phones. Both these solutions are filled with exciting features for the players.

Vulkan Vegas Mobile App

The other way the user can gamble on their phones is through the mobile application of Vulkan Vegas. The Mobile application form is only for Android users. Vulkan Vegas iOS app is under development and will be launched soon to the public.

The process of downloading the application is a little different than others. While other applications can be downloaded through the Google Play store, this application cannot. The reason behind it is the play store has certain policies which ensure that the game is not listed for some countries. For this reason, the only way to download the game is by visiting the Vulkan Vegas official website.

The best feature of the application is that the user will have access to all the gambling games through one application. You only need to install one app and will be able to enjoy all the games and services it has to offer.

Smartphone with an opened app of Vulkan Vegas Casino

How to Download the Vulkan Vegas Mobile App

The process of downloading the Vulkan Vegas application is quite simple and fast. The process is explained with complete details below:

  1. The first step is to ensure that the mobile phone is compatible with the downloading of the application. For that, you need to check if the OS version of your phone is at least Android 4.2;
  2. The size of the application is 10 MB. You must also check to see if there is sufficient space in the mobile for the application to be downloaded;
  3. Once you have checked that your phone satisfies these requirements, you need to visit the official Vulkan Vegas website;
  4. There you will see the option to download the application. Click on it. The application will start to download. The size of the application is quite small. So, it would be downloaded quickly. But it also depends upon your internet connection. With a fast connection, the job will be done quickly.

Vulkan Vegas mobile menu with an install option

How to Install the Vulkan Vegas Mobile App

The process of the installation of the application is mentioned below:

  1. Click on the downloaded file. Once you click on it, the installation process begins;
  2. A message will appear on the screen to check if you want it to be installed, touch yes;
  3. If an error appears, go to the phone settings, and enable the “Allow Installation from Third-Party Sources”. Then repeat the procedure;
  4. Wait for a few minutes. The launch icon of the application will appear on your screen. The application is installed. Click on the icon and start enjoying multiple games offered in the application.

If you have any difficulties with the installation, you can always contact support.

Vulkan Vegas app Installing on the smartphone

Mobile Software Developers

The Vulkan Vegas mobile app is a great way to enjoy various famous games. We offer our players from Canada a chance to enjoy all the games they play on their desktop, on their phones too. For Android users, playing games with our top-tier application is quite easy.

The users can enjoy all the games that are available on our website, on their mobile phones too. Few very old games are not compatible with the application, but they are quite rare. For some of the games, the interface is also modified. It makes it more fun to play the game on smartphones using touch screen controls. This is not for iPhone users.

We have developed a partnership with various huge names of the gaming industry, such as Microgaming, EGT Interactive, Betsoft, and other similar game providers. It makes it possible for our users to have complete access to all their games through one mobile application.

The users can play the games for free, or for real money. Meaning the application offers you a demo version of all the games. So that once you like a game, only then do you spend real money on it. It helps our users save their money from wastage.

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Exclusive Bonuses to Mobile Users

When it comes to bonuses, there is no better place than Vulkan Vegas App. The application has various bonuses and loyalty program rewards for the players who enjoy the game on their phones. It is also one of the reasons that our players prefer playing on phones, instead of the desktop. Here is a list of a few of those bonuses that they get:

  • When a new user joins the game and makes their first deposit of the real money, they are given two different rewards at the spot. One of those rewards is that the user gets to earn about twice as much as they had deposited. And the other one is that the user is given a free spin, and then begins their gambling;
  • With each deposit of the customer, they get a free bankroll. The rate of the bankroll may vary between 10 percent to 90 percent of the deposited amount. But the user always gets a bankroll. This reward is usually given to the customers each week. So, with each deposit for the mobile users, they earn back;
  • If you are losing money in the game, we have got you covered. The game offers a certain refund to the users who have lost the amount. The refund offered to the user depends upon the level of a loyalty program of the user;
  • Another exciting offer for our Canadian users is that with each deposit, they get to earn loyalty points. These points can be easily converted into real money and used to play the game again.

Mobile Bonuses at Vulkan Vegas Casino