Anti-money laundering info at Vulkan Vegas

Our Vulkan Vegas money laundering protection is one of the top priorities in the fight against violators of the rules established by the platform. This is done primarily for the proper operation of the service and unhindered access to it by other players without any risks. Our company establishes special conditions, guaranteeing your agreement with the available rules, a basic procedure for detecting violations, and penalties for committing certain prohibited acts.

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Anti-money laundering terms

When you begin using the platform, you should be familiar with our rules. Upon review, you warrant, represent, undertake and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are an adult and your age legally allows you to gamble;
  • You are the direct owner of your bank card or e-wallet and the funds you use are directly yours;
  • You are aware of certain risks and are personally responsible for the loss of funds;
  • You agree that the use of our services is a personal choice and that you have no right to make any claims or remarks against Vulkan Vegas, in particular, if they are related to your losses, profits, or damages;
  • You undertake and warrant that you will not commit any actions that are contrary to the activities of Vulkan Vegas and prohibited by it.

However please note that by agreeing to these terms and conditions, we may conduct any type of investigation on our platform regarding illegal activities, including money laundering. If such procedures are carried out, your access to the withdrawal of funds may be restricted.

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Liability for committing acts prohibited by the company

The Vulkan Vegas platform has established a number of measures that are taken as a result of identifying a violator. The purpose of these procedures is to identify offenders, block them and prevent them from repeating such actions, as well as to limit the influence on other players. These include:

  • Account closure;
  • Denial of Website services;
  • Suspension of the account;
  • Declaring the transactions you have made invalid and subsequently seizing the funds;
  • Cancellation and refund of bets placed.

To avoid these moments, always remember that money laundering is completely prohibited by the company. Please, observe the established rules, earn and win legally.

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